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Oltens – complete bathroom furnishings

Stylish, ecological and functional. With these words, we can characterise the latest Oltens products that have appeared in the updated 3D model database. The collections offer a quick, easy and systematic way to create a comfortable and design-coordinated interior. With dozens of pure bathroom solutions and products that can be flexibly configured, Oltens combines modern solutions with interesting design to create the bathroom of your dreams.

In every detail, even the smallest ones, Oltens collections are distinguished by minimalist form and light Scandinavian design. In the manufacturer’s portfolio, customers will find fittings not only in classic white or chrome finishes, but also in noble gold and deep black. These lines will certainly add character to any bathroom. They are also suitable for many design styles, from Scandinavian and minimalist to classic and industrial.

A comprehensively equipped bathroom not only meets the requirements of style, but is also economical and environmentally friendly. Oltens has equipped its faucets with a water flow control system. This saves a lot of money on an annual basis. In addition, the shower sets have a thermostatic mixer with the ThermoProtect system, which prevents the mixer from overheating for the safety of the bathroom users.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Oltens database is distributed together with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kuchnie. It can also be downloaded on an ongoing basis using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

30 December 2021

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