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Paradyż My Way by Gosia Baczyńska

Seven luxury collections: Mystic Shadows, Night Queen, Sleeping Beauty, Fashion Spirit, Unique Lady, Cold Princess and Noisy Whisper, are a designer interpretation of sensual cuts, textures and colors from the world’s catwalks.

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Paradyż My Way – new collection

Surprise your customers with new possibilities and add style to their interior. Modern decors with glass elements, metallic, pearl or mirror finishes will surely add class. Among the 8 new collections you will also find the most fashionable patterns of wood, cement and natural stone combined with dark navy blue and deep green.

Paradyż Ceramika – industrial novelties

Industrial spaces gain new possibilities thanks to the new collections: Industrialdust, Desertdust, Granddust, Silkdust, Moondust, Sunnydust, combined with minimalist furnishings, tiles will create the perfect space. They will create a unique Home of Concret.

Paradyż Ceramics – Recent collections

Stone and gold, universal glass mosaics, jungle style, subtle classics, and refreshed traditionalism are the features that characterize the 12 latest collections – among them Livia, Amelia, Caya.

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Paradyż My Way sets the direction – base update

Enlarged formats, perfect mapped drawings of stones and cement structure, saturated colours – these are just four new collections: Barro, Calacatta, Space and Tosi. We believe that these unique, exclusive and polished designs will soon help your clients create their unique rooms.

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Important information about Ceramika Paradyż

Ceramika Paradyż carried out significant rebranding changes. The Paradyż brand has been updated, and the Kwadro brand has been transformed into Paradyż Classica and supplemented with new products from the offer. More information about changes and new databases in the article.

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