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Mighty new inspirations for your bathroom. Cersanit base update

It’s been a long time since we had such a diverse base. The Cersanit brand regales us with its latest tile collections, among which there is something for everyone. The manufacturer’s updated base includes tiles in vivid colours, intriguing structures, refined patterns and three types of finish. And all of this contained in a practical format.

Among others, you can choose from the OLALLA collection, inspired by the colour of the deep sea. It will allow you to create an interior that is original and radiates pure harmony. It is a collection for all those who want to create in their home an oasis of peace. An additional advantage of OLALLA tiles is the satin finish, an eye-catching detail that perfectly emphasizes their character.

Another collection worth mentioning is GOLD WISH. This is luxury and grace enchanted in two exceptional tiles. Gold has for centuries been associated with high-class style, which is why it works so well in bright and spacious arrangements. The collection is further enhanced by tiles in the form of mosaics. They consist of two elements of a base tile and an element covered with a mirror, which beautifully reflects the light coming through the windows. Relaxing moments in the accompaniment of elegance are at hand.

An example of the fact that true beauty never goes out of fashion is the unique SPECIAL MARBLE collection. Here, the pristine white of classic calacatta has been stimulated by subtle grey veining – creating a unique marble effect. Available in as many as 6 versions, the motif enchants with its timeless minimalism and allows us to create a natural composition without a “stamped” effect. This is complemented by the glossy surface, which reflects the light coming into the room, adding warmth and dynamism to the design. SPECIAL MARBLE will be a hit with those looking for truly unique solutions.

These and other delightful collections are available for download in the latest base. For more information on Cersanit’s current range, visit the producer’s website.

The Cersanit database is distributed together with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kuchnie with Ceramic Tiles module. It can also be downloaded on an ongoing basis using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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