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30-year tradition meets modernity with gold in Invena’s design proposals

Invena, as a company with a 30-year tradition, in its supply focuses both on the solutions we already know, but also presents many novelties in each season. Everyone, even the most demanding customer, is able to choose something for themselves and their taste from the wide product range.

The updated base includes a concealed basin mixer and a concealed set, now also in gold. Another addition to the Glamour collection is a shower set. There are also Neri and Paros basin mixers, also available in a high version. The Verso series has been joined by a bath mixer, and the biggest novelty is the walk-in shower cubicle, which, made of glass with a shiny glass coating, will be able to please your eyes for a long time, as it will be resistant to any scratches.

Check out the new additions to the Invena product range now. You are sure to find something perfect for you and your bathroom among them. You can find more details about the current offer on the producer’s website.

The Invena database is distributed together with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kuchnie. It can also be downloaded on an ongoing basis using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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